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Why to Spend More on Advertising Now

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 A recession weeds out the weak. If you are wishing to weather the storm, it will take a strong commitment on your part and a little bit of luck won’t hurt either. Your success will be determined on how much of yourself you place into your business.


I know of a lot of contractors who have been used to the way things have been for so long, they don’t know how or want to know how to implement a change. These people have been accustomed to a steady stream of profitable work coming their way.


When there is and was extra money, instead of investing in better ways to market the business they choose to use the extra cash to fund activities such as vacations, hunting and fishing trips, new vehicles, etc. 


Sure, taking vacations and having new vehicles is nice, but remaining successful in today’s environment requires making sacrifice’s in the personal pleasure department. 


Throughout times when there was enough money to keep the advertising budget flush, using the extra dough on personal expenditures was an okay policy. But, when it comes time to choose between spending money on advertising or spending money on yourself. If you choose yourself, the downward spiral will start to escalate.


During hard times, it takes double the resources to keep the work coming in. This means, you should try to escalate your advertising budget, and seek to learn about and implement new methods. 


The choice really comes down to making sacrifices. For example, for every $100 dollars spent on advertising instead of spending $200 on yourself spend $200 on advertising and $100 on yourself. If for some reason you find yourself with only $200, use that $200 on advertising only. 


As a rule, when the advertising stops, the work stops. So, think of it as your life giving force. It really is the most important thing you can focus on. Having to make this decision isn’t an easy, or fun one to make. It will be a major determining factor for your businesses advancement during a weak market.

Internet Marketing

Get Listed in Google Maps "local search"


So, you have just spent a bunch of money on this great new website.  Now the question is how to you get people to come knocking.  It is important to view your website in the same way that one would view a storefront location.  Depending on your location, in this case your url address the amount of drive by traffic to your business will vary greatly.  


Optimizing a website for search engine optimization is a full time job for many people.  Luckily, there are some easy ways that you can do yourself for little to no cost.  A lot of these even work if you don’t have a website all, but as you will and are finding out.  A website is a key component of having an effective image cycle.


Two must haves.  I can’t stress enough how important this is.  Get listed with yahoo local and google local search.  It is important to have a website address to put on this.  The reason is that if you don’t a spammer will come along and place their own next to your listing.


If you have had experience using one of these two services you have probably found this out.  How many times have you clicked on a listings web address, only to be routed to some unrelated website?  You don’t want this to happen to you.  In a perfect world the customer would first search yahoo or google’s local search from their home computer or more commonly these days, from their mobile phone.


I have at&t service.  Recently they have added a function on the Media net home page.  This function is a Yahoo one search.  When I type something in, such as “oil change”  the service automatically searches nearby my billing location.  Bingo!  I can click on a link and find the closest shop.  


Are you beginning to see how effective this low cost form of advertising can be?  There are many other locations to post your information for free.  What I tell everybody is to do this one thing.  Log on to your computer; First perform a google search for  “what you think a customer will type in when looking for what it is that you provide.” 




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